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When Is It Safe for an Athlete to Return to Play After a Concussion?

Therese A. West, DNP and Donald W. Marion, MD, Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (Silver Spring, MD), compared three recent guidelines to determine when a player should be allowed to resume an athletic activity.

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About Neurotrauma

The purpose of the AANS/CNS Neurotrauma and Critical Care Section is to provide a forum for education and research on trauma and critical care of the nervous system, to coordinate activities and programs relating to trauma, critical care and sports medicine for the parent organizations and other societies, committees and agencies, to represent the parent organizations, at their discretion, at any organization...

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  • Neurosurgeon Walks 6 Miles in Snow Storm to Perform Emergency Surgery 

    4-February 2014

    With the heavy snow having locked down local traffic, Dr. Hrynkiw, Trinity's only neurosurgeon, decided to make the six-mile journey on foot. "The cell service was bad so we were fading in and out,"  "At one point, I heard him say, 'I'm walking.'"                                       

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Officer Spotlight

Dr. Geoffrey T. Manley


He is the Chief of Neurosurgery at San Francisco General Hospital and Professor of Neurosurgery at University of  California San Francisco. 

He is a trauma neurosurgeon with clinical interests in brain injury, spinal cord injury, and neurocritical care.                                

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