About Neurotrauma and Critical Care

To provide a forum for education and research on trauma and critical care of the nervous system, to coordinate activities and programs relating to trauma, critical care and sports medicine for the parent organizations and other societies, committees and agencies, to represent the parent organizations, at their discretion, at any organization or group on matters relating to trauma, critical care and sports medicine, to advice the parent organizations of activities which relate to nervous system trauma and critical care by other individuals, group and/or agencies. 

Donald Becker, MD, Howard Eisenberg, MD, Tom Gennarelli, MD, Alan Hudson, MD, John Jane, MD, Tom Langfitt, MD, Larry Marshall, MD, J. Douglas Miller, MD, Larry Pitts, MD, Tom Sual, MD, Sidney Tolchin, MD, Frank Wagner, MD, Michael Walker, MD, and Harold Wilkinson, MD.
Current Officers 
Chairperson Dr. Daniel B. Michael
Chairperson-Elect Dr. Julian Bailes
Secretary/Treasurer Dr. David Okonkwo
Past Chairperson Dr. Jamie Ullman


  • Patti Raksin, MD (2016-18)
  • Odette Harris, MD, MPH (2016-18)

Committee Chairs (Term:  2014-16)

  • Special Advisor: Michael Fehlings
  • Membership Chair: Martina Stippler
  • Education Committee: David Okonkwo
    • Scientific Program Subcommittee (NNS): Uzma Samadani
      • Members: Daniel Lu, Jack Jallo, Jason Huang
    • Annual Meetings Subcommittee: Craig Rabb
    • CNS Education Division Liaisons Subcommittee (including CNSU Editorial Board): Odette Harris
      • Members: Roland Torres (SANS/Neurosurgery Watch), Sharon Webb, Maya Babu, Chris Zacko, Martina Stippler, Patricia Raksin
  • Awards Committee: Eve Tsai
    • Officers: Sharon Webb, Martina Stippler
  • Publication/Website Committee: Martina Stippler
  • Guidelines Committee: Patti Raksin
    • Members: Adair Prall, Odette Harris, Steve Casha, Paul Arnold, Shirley Stiver, Greg Hawryluk, Jack Jallo, Martina Stippler, Chris Zacko
  • Spinal Injury Committee: Steve Casha
  • Rapid Response Committee: Stacy Quintero-Wolf (Liaison to Joint Washington Committee)
    • Members: Adair Prall, Paul Arnold, Ben Rodgers, Clemens Schirmer
  • International: Andres Rubiano (Colombia)
  • Sports Injury Committee: Julian Bailes, Tanvir Choudhri (Vice Chair)
  • Military/Rural Neurosurgery Committee: Rocco Armonda
  • Nominating Committee: Geoffrey Manley
  • Brain Trauma Foundation Committee: Gregory Hawryluk

Liaisons (Term:  2014-16)

  • CNS EC: Jamie Ullman
  • AANS BOD: Jamie Ullman
  • Joint WC: Stacy Quintero-Wolf
    • QIW: Stacy Quintero-Wolf, Ben Rodgers, Chris Zacko
  • ACS/COT: Jamie Ullman (Chair, COT Neurosurgery Subspecialty Group)
  • National Neurotrauma Society: Geoff Manley
  • Spine Section: Paul Arnold
  • Neurocritical Care Society: Chris Zacko
  • YNS Committee: David Edward Connor
  • Pediatric Section: Pending
  • CV Section: Sharon Webb
  • Physician Extenders: Twyila Lay, NP; Marianne Langlios, PA
  • SNS: James Ecklund
  • CSNS: Adair Prall
  • ThinkFirst: Rocco Armonda
  • WFNS: Dominic Esposito

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