Summary of the Fourth Edition Guidelines for the Management of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

This lecture provides an overview of the new ! 4th edition of BTF guidelines that were released in October 2016. 

Audience: Neurosurgery, Neurology, Critical care, Trauma surgery

RCTs and Decompressive Craniectomy

After publication of DECRA and now RESCUE ICP, both RCTs on decompressive craniectomy, the ability of these procedures to improve outcomes was put into question. This lecture interprets the findings and how they should hbe applied to clinical practice.

Audience: Neurosurgery, Trauma surgery, Critical care, Neurology, MD and APPs

Traumatic Brain Injury: An Overview 

Basic lecture on classification of TBI by mechanism, severity, and morphology.

Audience: Medical students, APPs

Concussion in Sport

Overview on incidence of concussion diagnosis and treatment

Audience: MDs, medical students, lay persons 

Overview of ICP Devices

This lecture provides an overview of state-of-the-art devices and the pros and cons of measuring ICP.

Audience: medical students, residents, hospital administrators

Subdural Hematomas

This lecture provides a great overview of operative and non-operative SDH, both acute and chronic.

Audience: APPs, medical students, residents, Emergency medicine 

TBI and Epilepsy and Seizure

This talk provides an introduction on the impact seizures have on TBI patients and elaborates on management.

Audience: Neurosurgery, residents, MS, APPs

Update on TBI

This lecture provides an overview and summary of the latest RCTs in TBI clinic care.

Audience: MS, MDs, APPs, General surgery, Emergency medicine, Neurosurgery

More coming soon!